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Hinges are way too loose.

I got this new pair of aviators and the arms I think (part that goes over your ear) have zero resistance. So they flop around and open when I’m not wearing them or when they’re on my shirt. Some glasses have arms that lock or click into either closed or open, and some just have a lot of friction that holds them somewhat to their position but mine is just loose and frictionless. Not a big deal, but it’d be nice if it could be tighter. There’s a small phillips screw on the hinge of each arm but I tried tightening it and it won’t budge. Do they come all the way tightened? Thank you sunglasses experts.

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Hi Josh,

Are the aviators name brand or generic? This can make a huge difference when answering this question. Typically, name brand glasses come with screws that are already tightened, but can also be adjusted (provided you have the correct screwdriver) as wear and tear occurs. Some off-brand glasses come with fixed screws that can’t be adjusted or will strip if tightened or loosened. Let me know which kind you have and I might have a better solution for you.

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