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The Homelite UT44172 is a 4.8 volt cordless grass trimmer with a rechargeable battery and steel blades. Manufactured on 2010 by Homelite. Currently discontinued and replaced by model Homelite UT14474.

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Were can I get replace battery

Replacement battery's for my cordless grass shear model ut44172

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I'm sorry but I can find no one that still carries batteries for this model.


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Mary Brooks here is the bad news. Looks like this battery is no longer available. Good news is that this is iFixit. You know you can build a replacement by yourself. It is not as complicated or dangerous as you may thing. Take a couple of good pictures and post those with your question. It looks like you open it up the same way as on here Homelite UT44172 Blades Replacement Again, take pictures if unsure. the black tubular thing is actually the battery. The black cover is just that, a plastic cover. Remove the battery by most likely unsoldering the wires. Ultimately I suggest you do something like this Repairing Black and Decker 9074 Screwdriver Battery just with the type of “batteries” that are appropriate for outr Homelite. Again, it is not as complicated as it may seem.

I would hate for you to discard these shears just because the corporation (Techtronic Industries who owns Homelite) has stopped supporting this equipment. Our landfills are full of stuff that can be fixed and used for many more years. Let us know which way you are going with that. We are always willing to help you and to save the world and humanity. One device at a time.


Black and Decker 9074 Type 4 Bild


Repairing Black and Decker 9074 Screwdriver Battery



30 minutes

Homelite UT44172 Blades Bild


Homelite UT44172 Blades Replacement



10 - 20 minutes

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