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Veröffentlicht am 21. September 2018. Modelle A1920, A2097, A2098, A2100. Erhältlich als GSM oder CDMA / eSIM oder dual-SIM / 64, 256 oder 512 GB / Silber, Gold oder Space Grau (Ausgesprochen "iPhone 10s.")

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iPhone XS far right side not working

Hi so i have got an XS and yesterday maybe 10 nibutes after i went swimming it started acting up (it didnt go into the water it had maybe 4 drops of water on it because i took it back to my room while i was still wet from swimming (my phone has seen worse). Its worth mentioning that my backglass has been cracked (no real deep holes just a spiderweb) but i do have a case on it with a small cotton cloth in it. It started having random ghost touches (while charging) so i turned it fully off and on again. Issue was still there so i did it again and let it charge for 4 minutes. After that the far right side of my screen stopped working. I looked at the Liquid indicator in the simcard port and it is still white. I had then put it in a bag of rice and let it dry overnight. In the morning it still didnt work, then did whatever google searches told me to do so several resets (havent done dfu reset yet). Several people seem to have this problem too like the people in the comment section of this vid: https://youtu.be/qayeuPEarXQ

any idea what i can possibly do?

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Rice wont do any good to your water damaged phone. You can try your DFU restores but I suspect that its the Display itself or the Board because you said it has a cracked back water might have seeped in through the back damaging touch function. I suggest you take it in a reputed repair store and let the take a look. I’m sure it’s not that a big issue if they have the right tools to figure it out!

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