How to remove bios protection on Acer 713-2w Chromebook

Where is the bios protection screw or other mechanism on an Acer 713-2w Chromebook and how can bios protection be removed to flash a new bios and install a Linux operating system

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In the settings app, do you see an option for Linux or Linux(Beta)?


Yeah. I used crostini, crouton and qemu/KVM to test linux on my Chromebook before posting this message. The best approach for me was qemu/kvm running Manjaro mate. The performance was good, but as much as I wanted to like chromeos that was not to be.

The Spin 713 bios is locked by a Google security chip on the motherboard. It appears that the security chip can be disabled and a new bios flashed to replace it.

Chromeos will be gone but it seems just about anything else can be installed following the installation instructions for the OS of choice.

In a few days I will receive the Suzyqable cable that is necessary to disable the security chip.

I'll post again as to my success or failure after I've received the cable.

Thanks for your reply to my question.




You should make a technique-guide explaining some of its connecters and hat yoy can do with it, might as help you!!!


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