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Repair information for the SteelSeries Arctis Pro wireless headphones. Released in March of 2018. Model number: 61743.

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Plastic about to break again (second headset) around the ear cup joint

How do I prevent my current headset from breaking like the first one and how do I repair the first one?

This is the broken one

Block Image

This one below is on the verge of breaking the exact same way. There is a crack in the housing coming from the location it attaches and I don’t expect it to last another month. SteelSeries will not fix it, will not sell me parts to fix it and would only sell me a new one. Warranty is not an option

Block Image

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i had the same set. i love the sound quality but retuned mine due to how theyre designed. i found that if you remove them from their earcups that can put alot of extra stress on the joint there. instead try to grab the metal headband and take them off that way.

itll help remove the added stress to that joint if you grab the metal headband instead.

as for the the broken set… your best bet would be to try and disassemble them at that joint and use some epoxy to repair the damage joint ive had alot of luck with JB weld in the past but i’m sure there are other good options for plastic out there. be sure to thoroughly clean the area before using the epoxy

good luck!

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Exactly the same happened to me, really good headset apart from this joint. I won't buy another because you know its a matter of time till the joint breaks.


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Ok so I bought a pair from a guy who had the cup break but nothing else was broken.

So what I did, took it apart and then messured the hole around the break, took a thin piece of plastic and shaped it so it fitted snug around the part that sticks into the broken cup. Now to the part that makes it unbreakable again. U will need any kind of plastic superglue (gorilla glue etc) and bakingpowder. So put glue and powder in a small container that u can throw away, now u need to be fast. Mix glue and powder and then put in the hole and glue the plate and headphoe pin into the cup again, the glue and powder will turn into a plastic cement. The only loss u wil have is the little wiggle u can do with the earcup left and right. But u saved your headset. The mixture is also repaintable with a common magic marker.

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