Varioperfect Serie 6 leak from bottom

I've had my share of self tinkering with this unit .

Now there's a leak coming from the connection between the tub and tub-to-pump hose ..which channels water from tub to drainage pump.

In the photo you can see the leak between the plastic and the rubber it looks like nothing ..but don't let it fool you when water is pushed into the tub this leak pools up the kitchen floor in no time..

I unplugged the hose and cleaned around the lip on both hose and tub to make sure the contact and seal are ok..and made sure the ball valve can move freely and not blocking the way, re-tightened the hose with the screw clamp ..still leaking ..

Any thoughts ..?

Updating with photo .

Block Image

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@oldturkey03 many thanks ..just updated with photo..


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