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Eine kleine Überarbeitung des MacBook Air von Ende 2018 mit gleicher Modellnummer (A1932) und EMC Nummer (3184). Dieses Modell ist mit True Tone und einem leicht abgeändertem Akku ausgestattet.

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it looks like it was ran over by a car

Hey, so i bought a A1932 Macbook Air, i believe that it's from 2019 just like yours. It has an obliterated screen, really, it looks like it was ran over by a car. The main problem is that it has extreme throttling aswell, as soon as i turn it on the fans start slow and go to full speed in 20-30 seconds. I formatted it and now i can't event get it to install macOS because of the slowness, most of the times it gets stuck on the Apple logo after it completes the internet recovery loading bar. It's also worth mentioning that it doesn't turn on unless i plug it into the power. I am deciding whether if i should buy a new screen, that, to my knowledge, has temperature sensors taht may be broken due to the damage or if i should buy a new battery by reading this post. Thanks a lot

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Definitely sounds like a bad battery on your MacBook Air. Ive run into the throttling , loud fan, really slow performance issues many times. The retina MacBook Airs really do not like bad, defective or missing batteries and it severely affects the performance to the point of being unusable.

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Great then, i'll order a new one and update this post. I hope i get it to work. Thanks!


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