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Apple's 6th revision to the iPod Touch lineup, released in July 2015.

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Is there anyway to force start it up

I ripped the middle battery connector pad off by accident, it can’t tell what the battery is at,
The battery was ran down all the way now it doesn’t start up, it thinks it completely empty, also some times it trys to start up but it goes into a boot loop, then it goes back to the low battery screen

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@danj please help


@beanman56 - Sorry I just don't know that much on this device. Did you look through the guides? iPod Touch 6th Generation


When you say the middle connector pad, I'm not sure what you mean, maybe a picture would help?


@danj I tryed hard reset and plugging in for like couple days nothing happened,

looked at the guide


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what do you mean middle connector pad? do you have a picture?

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its assembled already


ok now I understand. you will have to disassemble it again. than you need to scratch the board masking off were the lead comes out of the missing pad. than you can solder a jump or the wire directly to that.


:/ Don't think so,

I would rather get a iphone that i can change the battery easily


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