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The Dodge Dakota was developed by Chrysler as a mid-sized pickup. To keep investment low, many components were shared with existing Chrysler products and the manufacturing plant was shared with the full-sized Dodge D-Model.

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3 wire plug driverside by back of fule rail ... where dose it go

1995 dadge Dakota v6; stand I have a 3 wire plug driverside by back of fule rail coming out of main harness organ black with blue strip an gray with black strip where dose it go an what color to what colors

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can you post a picture of the plug? And the area it is at? I know my chevy has a plug just hanging out for something but it has no home.


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here is the ECM pin out. according to this the 18bk/bl is a sensor ground and the 18GY/BK is a crank shaft sensor

Block Image

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