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Guides and repair information for televisions from Hitachi, a Japanese electronics manufacturer.

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My screen went super black mid show - Help!

My Hitachi 55 L6 was in the middle of Moana and just went black. Upon closer inspection we saw the screen was still there, just incredibly dark. The power and sound still work but it is just very dark. I am assuming there is some bulb or light that burnt out suddenly. Does anyone know what it may be? Is it worth it to try and get it fixed?

Thanks in advance!

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The back light burnt out. but here is a video to help you make sure.



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Stephen Wirthlin  verify your complete model number. If your pictures is still visible by shining a flashlight at an angle against the screen, that would mean you lost your backlight. Remove the back cover from your TV and check the power board backlight LED connections. You can check those with a multimeter and let us know what voltages you get. If those are acceptable voltages you will have to replace the backlight strip. Now this is what we need to know the exact model of your TV. With that we can determine if they are edgelit or if it is a backlight array that is needed. The replacement of the :LED backlights are essentially the same for most of the panels, so the link previously provided in the comments will give you a good idea about what is needed.

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