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Ultraportable 13" laptop computer released by Dell in 2019.

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Battery not charging after replacement

Bought two batteries ordered from iFixit to replace the batteries within two Dell 9380 13”.

The laptops refuses to acknowledge that this battery exists and doesn’t charge.

Gives the standard blinking orange light with a diagnostic message that the battery is not OEM and won’t charge.

Any ideas on how to proceed?

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For anyone that faces this problem with battery replacement of the Dell laptops.

BIOS update should theoretically get pass the issue (since that was what it was to according to Dell Support)

But if Dell Updates or the Windows updates doesn’t solve it, go to the SupportAssist through the boot menu (via F12 on the powering up splash screen) and then factory reset the entire laptop. Be sure to save or back up any data/ installers that you have beforehand so you can get back up and running again quickly.

The fresh install recognized the battery after all the initial Windows updates and Dell updates to the BIOS.

Not ideal but it works.

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