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A 13-inch "2-in-1" laptop with a 360-degree hinge that allows it to convert to a tablet-like form factor.

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Battery compatible with my device?

Hello, I wanted to confirm that the Dell WDX0R battery listed for the Inspiron 13-5368 would be compatible with the Inspiron 13-5378? The battery is completely dead, so it can be only used on AC power and I wanted to replace it.

Dell WDX0R Battery


Dell WDX0R Battery Bild


Dell WDX0R Battery


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according to what I can find no they are slightly different but here is the correct battery

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Hi @stressmaster ,

In the link you posted it shows that the battery, model # WDXOR, is compatible with a Dell 13-5368 and a 13-5378.

It's the same battery model number as shown in the image for the ifixit one, so it should be the same or am I missing something?

If necessary the OP can check using this link to check for compatibility using the laptop's service tag. It is also a WDXOR battery



@jayeff you will notice that that model doesn't show up in the like. I believe it is a Wh thing or a screw placement.


@stressmaster The wh just means it will run longer, especially if this battery has a higher Wh rating then the original. The voltage has to match or be in the supported range, but you can upgrade the Wh on a laptop battery.



It can't be a screw placement otherwise what's the point of model numbers?

If they had different model numbers, albeit only a suffix to the model number, then fair enough, that would denote that they're different in some way.

This link also shows that a WDXOR battery is compatible with both models that the OP asked about.


@jayeff looks like you're right and it's compatible. Maybe ifix needs to update listing


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