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Dies ist ein von Lenovo entwickeltes und hergestelltes Smartphone, das unter der Marke Motorola verkauft wird. Es kam im Juni 2017 auf den Markt. Die Modellnummern sind XT1754, XT1755, XT1756, XT1757 und XT1758.

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How can I exchange the charging port?

I am unable to charge my phone.

The plug between the phone and the charger has stopped fitting in tightly. It only makes contact for about 1 second and then “spits” the plug out of the phone. I haven’t been able to find any information regarding the exchanging of the charging port.

I don’t have any experience repairing electronics.

Thank you.

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Hi @alvaro032 ,

The charging port is hard mounted onto the motherboard.

You will need smd (surface mount device) soldering skills and tools to do the repair. It is not a job for novices.

Here’s a video that shows how to remove/replace the micro USB port from the motherboard. Suitable replacement micro USB connectors are available online. Just search for Moto C charge port connector to get results. Ensure that you get the correct one as not all micro USB connectors are the same. The pinout connections are the same but the position and number of mounting lugs that secure the port to the motherboard can vary, that’s why it is important to get the correct one for your model phone.

Here’s the ifixit Moto C Motherboard-Baugruppe tauschen guide, which will help you to remove the motherboard from the phone so that the port can be replaced.

If doing this yourself seems too daunting, contact a reputable, professional mobile phone repair service and ask for a quote

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Thank you very much @jayeff !

It seems quite complicated, at least for a total newbie like me.

I was wondering, would it be possible to exchange the whole motherboard instead of only exchanging the charging port?

In case that this is possible, would any Moto C motherboard be valid?

Thanks again!



You can change the motherboard but this would mean the the IEMI number for the phone would change as it is tied to the motherboard i.e. it is in the hardware and changing it over to the new board is illegal

Given the cost of a replacement motherboard, it would be a lot cheaper and easier to get a professional repairer to replace the faulty charge port.

The phone has to be opened regardless of which option you choose.


Thanks again @jayeff !

I will certainly get a professional repairer for this issue.




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