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Guides and repair information for televisions from Hitachi, a Japanese electronics manufacturer.

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My tv screen went black

my TV Hitachi 32he2000 has stopped showing the screen it went black and i don t now what to do now.

Update (12/16/2021)

its backlight problem but i don t now how i can fix it

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jaroslavmallak so you can see the image when you shine a flashlight beam at an angle against it. If so (and its pretty common for this brand) you will need to replace the backlight strips. For that, you will have to disassembly your TV which includes removing all the boards. etc. After that you will have to remove the display assembly from the plastic housing (Bezel). Once you got all that (sounds complicated but its not) remove all the sheet metal from the assembly. That will get you into the panel. Carefully with those “plastic sheets” (Diffusers, Polarizer etc.) Mark them the exact way and direction in which they are inside the panel. Now you should see the backlight strip (this should be an edgelit panel) glues to either the bottom or top edge of the case. Replacing that should get your TV backlight fixed. Part to be very careful of is the LED panel itself since it is very thin, so make sure you do not flex it etc. and the diffuser sheets. always make sure they go back exactly the way they came out.
If you are stuck with any of this you can always post a couple of pictures with your question and I am sure somebody will help you further with it. Bilder zu einer vorhandenen Frage hinzufügen

This is not a terrible bad or complicated task, just take your time and have plenty of room.

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thank you werry much


jaroslavmallak you got this! I am pretty confident you can fix this without any issues. It is fairly straight forward and that panel is small enough to fix this by yourself. It would be great if you could take plenty of pictures while you work on it and create a guide for the repair. that way others with the same problem would have a future reference. https://www.ifixit.com/Guide/new

I just replaced the backlight on a Samsung LS32D85KTSR and guide is to follow for that. The more guides we have on here the better for us and our environment. Best of luck.


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