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How to combine wireless networks

I have an existing AT&T u-verse wireless network at home, and a separate wireless network that is simply a DSL Modem+Router (with no internet service hooked up to it) with my external hard drive plugged into it that serves as network storage. When I am on my AT&T network, I can't access this network storage drive, and when I am on the "storage" network I can't access my internet. IP address for the "storage" network is

Is is possible to "combine" these two networks into one so that I can access my internet as normal, but also have access to the wireless network storage?

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Thank you for the response-

The devices that I have are an AT&T Broadband 2-wire 3600HGV Modem/Router and the second is a netgear Wireless-N 300 Modem Router DGN2200. I had used this at a previous apartment with DSL connection, but DSL was not available at my new apartment so I had to go with the AT&T 2-wire.

The AT&T 2-Wire does not have a USB port so I am unable to plug in. Is there a way I can connect the two routers with an ethernet cable and add this "node" with network storage to my current Broadband network?

Thank you again for the help.


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Adding network storage is what you are trying to do, not combining networks. Just to clarify. Technically you are trying to add a node to your current network, which happens to be a secondary router with storage.

If the router isn't setup properly (ip, dhcp, etc) it won't work regardless. I am not 100 percent sure how to do this without the actual device info, and even then I'm no networking expert, but might I offer an alternative?

You might not need the secondary router at all unless the the storage device is only compatible with that specific router. In that case, can you use that router as your primary instead of the one you have?

Assuming you can use your primary router with the storage device:

Just plug your storage device directly into your primary router. That would certainly make your life easier and allow you to simply go into windows and map the network drive. Windows does most of the work for you (dhcp settings, shared folders, etc) and you have access. Bing bam done and happy.

If this wasn't helpful, provide the specific model numbers and firmware versions of the two routers in question and maybe a better answer can be found.

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This IP Address is a well-liked Internet Protocol Address these days and company names for instance Netgear and D-Link use it for the wireless routers they develop. This unique default private IP address is required to control the configuration controls of home network. You need to fulfill the default private IP address in the internet browser. As soon as you key in that private IP in the URL bar, you're going to be landed on the router settings page.

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Just make sure you are on the same network (IP domain) as the router otherwise you can't access it (if you have more than one router like you do here).


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