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Repair guides and support for videocassette recorders including Betamax and VHS (Video Home System) players.

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JVC HR-D721EN black image only sound

hello, from uruguay

I have two vhs jvc version HR-D721EN and both play with sound but black image, I already cleaned the heads and it's still the same, if I fast-forward there you can see the rain but then it's black with the play logo. any idea how to repair it or a circuit that is wrong.

here a picture

Block Image



tengo dos VHS jvc HR-d721EN, y ambos cuando pongo un casette a reproducir solamente se oye el sonido con la imagen en negro y cartel de play, ya le limpie los cabezales y sigue igual, bloquea la imágen

si le reproduzco y adelanto ahí si se ve la lluvia como que quiere verse pero luego vuelve a negro, alguna idea de algo que este mal para reemplazar


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In all likelihood it a dirty Video Heads problem. Did you use a 'Wet' type Head cleaning cassette?

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Yes, I already cleaned the heads and it continues the same


How did you clean the Heads? Did you use a Wet Cleaning Cassete, or a Dry Cassette?

Sometimes Cleaning Cassettes are not very succesful in removing the dirt on the video heads. The head has to be Manually cleaned, using a chamois leather cloth and iso-propyl alcohol.,


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Thanks a lot for the helpful information you bring. Hope you will always give everyone as many great posts as possible in the future.

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