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An audio storage device that uses magnetic tape to record and play back audio input.

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Looking for an Electronic part for an Akai 4000ds taperecorder.

The recording switch on the Pcb of my Akai 4000ds is used up and I cant find a replacement anywhere.

It's a springloaded slideswitch wish you press from the short side to aktivate.It bounces back when you let go. It's quite common in tape-recorders.

All the best,


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Is this what you mean?

Here’s the service manual that may also help as it has all the part numbers so you may be able to find other suppliers by searching for the part number.

Update (02/14/2022)

Hi @Gunnar Carlman

Strange that there are two different models with the same model number.

Has your model got any other information on the product information label that is usually attached to the device which could identify it further as here's the Akai 4000DS Mark II service manual

If this looks more like your model it also has a parts list.

Find the wanted part in the parts list and search online using the number "only" or if no good search for "Akai (insert wanted part number)".

It's getting late here so I didn't have time to look through it ;-)

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Thankyou very much for a fast answer.

This would have been perfekt. Sadly it seems that my model (with the same name) , has anorher more recent solution for this switch.

And I can’ find any manual for my machine



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