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Die kleinere Version des iPad Pro, herausgekommen am 31. März 2016. Ausgestattet mit einem 9,7" Display, dem A9X Prozessor und wahlweise mit 32/128/256 GB Speicher. Erhältlich in Silber, Grau (Space Grey), Gold und Rose Gold.

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Adhesive strip placement around camera

Trying to finish a screen replacement, I bought the iFixit adhesive strips. The two large strips make sense so me, but the smaller piece with the blue backing is a little puzzling.

The long strip would seem so fit at the iPad edge between the two antenna breaks, and the bottom pieces appear to have some place to go, but the inner sides would appear to float on either side of the camera. Did I throw out even more parts I still needed than I already figured out with the old screen?

Thank you.

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There are two U-shaped antenna brackets on the top of the wifi model.

I’m guessing these brackets don’t exist on the cellular model, therefore they land on empty space.

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That makes sense, thank you! I’ll just trim off the extra.


@mcarland So you do have the cellular model?


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Best off just pairing up with what you already have, and see where it fits.

Some cutouts are cut out to fit the frame first, some go on the glass.

From experience, anything other than tesa tape just doesn't work well. Best off buying premium digitisers with tesa tape, and then use primer on the frame. Less hassle messing around with cutouts.

If you have no other strips left, try and put your own in where it's missing.

If it helps, I have a video of keeping the glass down really well and works everytime!


Hope that helps.

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Thank you for the response. I bought the iFixit screen replacement that had the tape on it, but the flat tape got pinched in the wrong place after I did a trial fit, and the screen popped back open the next day. I also hadn’t done a great job cleaning all the old adhesive off, no chunks but still tacky, so this time I’ve done a more thorough job cleaning up. I have the iFixit adhesive kit because I didn’t know there was already one on the new screen and ordered one at the time.

How important is the primer? Should I wait to close it up until I can get some?

I’ll definitely check out your video.


Since I've used primer, 100% of my repairs have never lifted.

I even now start to use the primer for housings & even the back of the LCD frames where it touches the dust seal.

And also, with LCD refurbs on oled panels, never had any lift using the primer.


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