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How is the wire connected to this rechargeable battery?

Can anyone please let me know if the wire is soldered to the battery in the pictures attached below. If it is not soldered then how is it connected? I would like to know how to remove and replace this 3.7v 1200mah rechargeable battery of my flashlight.

Thank you very much!

Block Image

Block Image

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Hi @easyfixer ,

The wire is soldered to the battery but it is better if you just cut the wire as close as possible to the battery and then get a 18650 3.7V battery with “solder tabs” (supplier example only) to make it easier to connect the wire to the new battery. Simply solder the wire to the tab

You could solder the wire directly to the new battery but it is tricky to know how much heat to apply trying to ensure a good connection, which could cause the battery to get too hot. If it gets too hot it may be dangerous to you and it could also damage the battery as well. Really not a good idea even if you know how to solder properly.

If you do find a supplier of a battery with solder tabs then you can get one with a greater capacity than the battery you have now e.g. 2600mA as in the example above in lieu of 1200mA. This will make the torch last longer between charges but it also means that it will then take longer to fully charge again.

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Hi @jayeff ,

Thank you for the information about "solder tabs". I had never heard of such a thing before . I had wrongly assumed that the "special ends" on the battery were not a part of the battery but an "extended" part of some kind of special wires. Now I know what needs to be done to remove and replace this battery. I will definitely make sure that soldering won't happen directly on the battery.

Also, it is really nice of you to suggest replacing the old battery with a new one of higher capacity such as 2600mA. Once again, thank you for the correct information and wise suggestion.

Have a great day !


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This kind of soldering on battery leads are done in factory, where in theory, they know what is safe and what can damage the assembled parts.

Soldering directly on the battery leads is NEVER a good idea because of the high temperatures involved in the process.

Either you want to replace the battery, or you want to modify the way it is connected in the assembly, you better manipulate the wires on the PCB side.

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Thank you for the quick and helpful reply.


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