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Die zweite Generation des 11 Zoll iPad Pro erschien im März 2020 mit den Modellnummern A2228, A2068, A2230, and A2231.

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Screen replacement rendered Apple Pencil useless


I replaced my iPad Pro 11” M1 (3RD GEN) screen with a Gen2 glass screen—Apple Pencil now works very oddly. Lots of dead spots as I draw lines or anything. Finger works fine though.

Only the Pencil has that issue.

The Gen 2 screen blocks the autobrightness sensor on the M1 Gen 3 ipad. Wasn’t a deal breaker for me. But the pencil not working properly is killing me atm.

Any idea why that’s happening?

Weird thing also is that Sometimes the pencil will kick in and work perfectly, but just for a few minutes before going nuts again. 90% of the time it works badly.

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Let me get this straight, you used a Gen 2 replacement screen on a Gen 3? As far as I know, they are not cross-compatible for 11” Pro.

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They are not compatible only because the sensor for auto brightness will be blocked, quick means you will just have to shut off auto brightness. Not a huge compromise. Everything else works great—except dead spots with pencil if you stroke a certain way. Finger works. fine for drawing. My guess is the digitizer might have a component damaged?


@mozadi307 I Suspect you may be correct. I haven't done research into the intercompatibility, but the pencil communicates slightly differently with the digitizer than your finger does. I believe there is a specific layer in the display which checks for the Apple pencil's presence specifically as opposed to a hand. And it may be this is the part that is damaged.


Got the same issue after replacing the USB C port on my 12.9 2018.

Tried to be super careful with the heatgun when heating the adhesive under the screen but after the repair it still ended up with a few dead spots when writing with the pencil, touch works fine and sometimes the pen works on the spots when the tip is vertical or when more pressure is applied.

I don't know if there are two digitizers internally but it's a shame that this one failed, wish there was a fix aside from replacing the screen.


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I believe that there are issues with using older replacement parts with newer ones. So that is most likely what is causing it, not to mention other things that I cannot explain.

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