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Remove arm and monitor permanently on iMac

The LCD on my iMac G4_17_800_MHz_EMC_1936 went bad.i'm using a external monitor now. How do I remove the bad LCD and arm so I just have the body ( half sphere ) permanently

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There is a way to do this but iFixit doesn't have a specific guide for it. Instead use this guide

iMac G4 17 800 MHz EMC 1936 Fan Replacement

to remove everything up to the fan. Once the fan is removed then unscrew the five screws in the white circle at the top. Once these are unscrewed you can pull the arm off slightly and if you are never going to try and use a display again then cut the 5 wires leading to it. If you want to use the display again then you can reroute the 5 cables and pull them out.

Hope this helps and you can decapitate you iMac.

Here is a link showing pics of what one looks like.



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