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Scientific calculator by Casio. Widely used by students world-wide due to its great quality for the low price.

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Why it is hang after pressing √(10) *10^13

How to unhang calculator

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Remove Battery

Since you can't interact with the calculator at all, start with removing its battery by following the guide I have added below. You can skip replacing the battery, just put the same battery back again.

This will force the calculator to turn off.

Casio FX-991ES Plus Ersetzen der Batterie

If problem continues

If it still freezes when you do that, redo the process of removing the battery and then do the following steps to factory reset the calculator.

When the calculator is on.

Step 1: Press SHIFT and then 9

Step 2: Press 3 to select the "Reset All" option

Step 3: Press = to confirm

Step 4: Press the AC button

Hope it works after this! :D

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Not fixed

My calculator is hang and it is not resetting .

And not pressing any button


@Abhinash Shah Ohh, okay! I have updated my answer, hopefully, it will help to remove the battery to force the calculator to turn off and then performing the reset process.


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