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How to unplug PCB connectors on amp/receiver


These are the two connector types I want to unplug. Do I need a special tool? I'm used to motherboards but first time with amp/receiver.

Pics included.


Block Image

Block Image

Update (04/23/2022)

@oldturkey03 here you can see what I mean

Block Image

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@jazzier looks like those are just pull connectors. What make and model is your receiver?


@oldturkey03 hi thanks for responding. It's a 1988 Marantz amp/receiver ST110 the sound system user manual is identified as TA110/150. I have another older question pending regarding no display on this receiver. So I know you pull the connectors but how do I unlock them before pulling? I tried and they are very delicate and not much space to manœuvre.


@jazzier can't see how they are locked but lets see if I have a manual somewhere for this model.


@oldturkey03 pretty sure they have a base to clip into. There are little indents on the sides and on the top picture for the smaller connectors you can see a rectangular portion on one of the wider sides that moves loosely. How do I add picture in a comment?


@oldturkey03 look at the picture in an answer here at bottom of page. I tagged you.


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pull up on the connectors

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They have a base.


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