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PCIE_NAND_RESREF Open line - how to fix?

Hello everyone! I have an iPhone XS Max which is stuck in recovery mode and when you try and restore it, error 9 in iTunes comes up. I have verified it is not software and not any of the components inside of the phone.

I recently removed the NAND, and took some diode readings of the pads underneath it. Everything was fine, except for one line. PCIE_NAND_RESREF was open line. I looked on my board view and noticed it only connects to one resistor. I took diode readings of the resistor and noticed one side was ground (normal) and the other side was OL (not normal). I thought to myself that it might just be a bad resistor, so I replaced it. Still, no change.

I was wondering if anyone might know how to fix this problem, will this line show as OL if the NAND is removed or is something wrong? Thank you!!

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For that line to be open it would need a faulty resistor. Even without the NAND present if the resistor is good it will not show open. Error 9 could be a lot of things, while you have the NAND off I would put it in a programmer and make sure it can be read and back it up to another NAND and try. Also check the logic eeprom I remember those IC’s use to cause error 9 on the older models not sure about the newer ones.

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I soldered the NAND back onto the motherboard because I could not find any other issues, and now the reading is back to normal. Do you know if the iPhone XS Max can boot with half the motherboard? (on dc power)


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