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The Porsche Design USB-C Hard Drive is a data storage device released in January 2016 as a collaboration between LaCie and Porsche Design.

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unable to write to the last block of device

I have a 2 tb external SSD that is giving me the error message:

(unable to write to the last block on this device)

I've performed all the usual trouble-shooting procedures (changing the port, changing the connecting cable, changing the OS from Monterey(2021 MacBook 16" ProM1) to High Sierra(2011Mac Pro w/2xXeon 3.00 64gb ecc memory) finally and I put it on a Windows 10 (Hp) still to will not format.

Thank you.

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Those use Seagate Rosewoods -- death of the drive is normal with those things :(.

Unless you can replace the drive or warranty it, there's no fixing those Rosewoods.

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