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Das OnePlus 7 Pro ist ein Android-Smartphone von OnePlus. Es kam im Mai 20198 auf den Markt.

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Can I replace the glass without damaging LCD OLED panel?

Hello people, I have just broke my phone the OnePlus 7 pro . It got a crack on bottom left after a drop from my hand on concrete, however even tho the glass on cracked side got completely fallen off the OLED panel underneath still function and so the touch which mean I guess only the top glass is broken and I found on ebay that you can buy the glass only for 25$ instead of paying 200$ for full screen replacement. I'm not a pro repair guy, but I sometime do screen, battery, cam etc replacement on my friends phones or others just as "hobby". So as my phone got cracked I had this idea maybe I can push more and try to change the glass without damaging the OLED? If anyone have done that and can help me to give a tutorial it would be really nice. I'm unable to upload images here so I will leave link below as i have uploaded them on imgbb.com


Link image phone turn on: https://ibb.co/sFgKv20

Link image phone turn off: https://ibb.co/D5MggL8

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You will need extra tools for a glass only repair as well as the right skill set. This is not as easy as it sounds and needs plenty of experience. The tools as well as consumables (like adhesive etc.) will cost you more than the difference in price for the repair. By purchasing a complete display assembly you will also be assured that it is going to work without the loss of money and time by trying a glass only repair for the first time.

If you still want to do it check something like this video. Different phone but principal is identical.

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