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Am 20. September 2019 hat Apple das neueste iPhone angekündigt. Der Nachfolger des iPhone XR hat ein 6,1 Zoll LCD-Touchscreen, ein neues Zwei-Kamera-System und ist in sechs verschiedenen Farben erhältlich.

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iPhone 11 boot looping on DC power

Hello, I have an iPhone 11 which does not turn on. On the DC power supply, when I press the power button it does a normal boot sequence until about 120 milliamps, before going to 0. The boot sequence only lasts about 3-5 seconds. It just loops infinitely like this, and does not stop. 120 milliamps is the most it has reached and I'm not sure exactly what might be shorting. Does anyone know which chip or line this may be related to? Thank you!!

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Have you ruled out parts and software?


Yes, I have ruled out parts and software. It is certainly a motherboard issue, right when it reaches 100 milliamps it drops to 0. It doesn't hang on 100, just drops to 0 immediately.


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This problem shows after dropped/water damage you don't mention. Check the capacitors near Nand or audio ic most be shorted in that case. So, you have to separate the PCB first and check might be loose contact with the CPU to PCB also cause such issues.

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Hello, this phone was not water damaged and there is no signs of drop damage. I have separated the PCB, and did a visual inspection around the motherboard. From what I could see, nothing looked burnt or out of place. The main NAND lines also tested alright. I'm thinking there is a chip on the boot circuit which is shorting out and causing the phone to not boot, but I am not 100% sure.


Check light-related circuits. I also saw the most problems with light-related circuits.


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