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HP Envy x360 15m -cn0012dx is a touch-screen laptop made by HP that can fold it's hinges to function as a tablet.

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HP diagnostics give Replace Battery error for new battery

I replaced the battery in my HP laptop:

Please note the device selected from the system isn't the exact number but I had no other viable choice.

  • HP ENVY x360 - 15m-cn0011dx is correct.
  • Product number: 3VU72UA

The replacement is holding a charge. It also seems to share in a somewhat reasonable timeframe. I am still benchmarking the charge and battery retention to make sure,

However, I'm getting errors from HP Support Assistant diagnostics saying to replace the battery. I hope I properly attached the picture.

I have calibrated the battery: charged, drained, charged, etc. I've even rebooted. Diagnostics still show I need to replace the battery.

Thank you.

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Your notebook supports HP UEFI diagnostics -- use that, not Support Assistant. I have found Support Assistant is largely useless at giving failure reasons that make sense. Follow the instructions here to install: HP PC Hardware Diagnostics

Click on Diagnose PC hardware issues outside of the operating system. You will be able to write it to the hard drive and boot into the UEFI version, and not the firmware integrated version.

This is why I STRONGLY ADVISE against Support Assistant, especially batteries:

Block Image

Block Image

If you see Fuse Blown (42) or a similar code, with persistent issues like yours the battery is shot.

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First, after another drain recharge and restart, the battery now shows normal in Support Assistant.

Second, I did end up running the UEFI test from boot. But it was the installed firmware integrated version,

That being said, I'd like to do this the way you suggest, and could use some remedial help here. How do I "boot into the UEFI version, and not the firmware integrated version"?

I downloaded the utility and installed it. I can't figure out how to access it and run it. Am I missing something? Thanks.


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