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Reparaturanleitungen und Teardown-Informationen für das 14" MacBook Pro, das im Oktober 2021 veröffentlicht worden ist. Es verfügt über die neuen M1 Pro und M1 Max Chips von Apple. Modellnummer A2442.

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Is this a broken battery connector?

I spilled some liquid on my MacBook Pro 14” and opened it to disconnect the battery and didn’t realize that the cable right above the battery screw had a latch that was meant to be lifted to remove the cable, didn’t seem to take much force to lift but now it seems to have no connection am I SOL at this point? If there was a spare part for the cable that seems to be the only thing messed up if I could manage to remove the piece still underneath the latch.

Does anyone have any info on this?

Block Image

Block Image

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The cable its self looks OK with the limited view you have here. As you appear to have more of an issue with getting the cable reconnected within the ZIF connector.

Review Step 11 in this guide MacBook Pro (16 Zoll, 2019) Akku tauschen This is the same cable but routed differently in the 16" system. Basically you need to carefully lift the latch to release the clamping tension then feed the cable in making sure its square and fully pushed in.

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Thank you so much, after taking a closer look I could see that the cable was in fact still intact, I just had to peel back the connections from the cable and was able to insert it into the connector above the battery. Thanks again, I really appreciate it


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