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No Audio from TV with HDMI

hello EWALD,

I have the same problem. when I connect my laptop to the TV with an HDMI. sound comes from the laptop. I tried a different tv, different HDMI cable but still same problem. I even tried another laptop and it worked perfectly. when I go the Playback devices menu, the HDMI is not showing despite that Show disconnected devices and Show disabled devices are both checked.

I hope you have an on what could be the problem.

N.B.: I also have a LENOVO laptop

It is a Lenovo V15-IIL Laptop and I am using windows 10 pro(64 bit)

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@oldturkey03 the TV is not listed as a playback device, I think the laptop does not even recognize the TV's speaker.


@thecyborg go on to the BIOS


@oldturkey03 I am in the BIOS


Right click on the speaker icon in bottom right of the taskbar, choose hdmi as the output.

If it works on the other machine it may be the program you are using for playback is forcing audio through the laptop speakers. If you go to the audio settings in said app you should be able to change the output.

One more thing to try is to go to the manufacturer of your graphics chip in your laptop, Intel, amd, nvidia and download the latest driver for your chipset. If they don't work download the graphics driver from the lenovo site as sometimes lenovo tweek the chips for "performance" meaning the standard manufacturer drivers are incompatible.

Don't rely on graphics updates from windows they are usually the bare minimum and don't always include the required parts needed.


@Minus I have tried all of what have said but no results.


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@thecyborg from the Windows Start Screen, search for Sound. Your TV should be listed as a playback device under the Playback tab. Check your BIOS and update for latest version. after that change your BIOS and set boot to UEFI. Let us know what you get.

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@oldturkey03 Oh my god! it works! I changed the BIOS to UEFI and now the TV is showing in the playback device menu and sound is coming out from the TV, I really appreciate the help.


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