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My TrackPad has stopped working and My cursor has dissappeared

My Cursor Suddenly Dissappeared and I can only Now use my chromebook in touchscreen mode it doesn't seem that my trackpad is working as nothing seems to be able to be clicked on when using it. I've reset all software on the computer and even when and played with the ribbon that goes into the Chromebook trackpad but nothing! Any ideas?

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Aaron Moon your battery swelling? Pushing against the trackpad?


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Most likely i would think the trackpad is completely dead, something failed and the trackpad is no longer functional. Look online for tutorials on how to take it out, you can look at it to see if its anything obvious. If not replace the trackpad. You could just hook up a mouse to it if you don't have the time to replace it at the moment. If its not the trackpad, there might be an issue with the motherboard.

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