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ninja single serve cup stuck

Ninja BL660WM single serve cup stuck in base

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My single serve cups started to get stuck after about 2 years. Here's what I did. Picture one shows a catch on the inner base that holds the cup in place tight when blending. Picture two shows a little release lever on the back side, push down on it and twist cup at same time and it should get cup off no problem. Next to prevent from getting stuck again see picture three file/ sand the tabs as shown. I did not try this but before but you sand tabs you might try to put a little oil maybe vegetable oil at the yellow arrows in picture one.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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the question is ? what

Update (06/01/2022)

IF YOU ARE ALREADY STUCK: Find the tiny detention/release "button" in the grove at the back near the top of the base unit. Use a butter knife or the back of a sharp one to slide the button DOWN toward the counter (not in toward the blender blades).

TO PREVENT THE PROBLEM: Look at the 4 locking tabs on the single serve cup. They are rectangular with the lower right corner HEAVILY beveled (when viewed broadside). The solution to the problem is to LIGHTLY bevel the upper left corner too. I used a pocket knife to shave just a little bit off at 45 degrees. Proceed carefully one tab at a time testing it in the rear slot. Shave just enough to get an easy release. Shave all 4 tabs on the cup so it doesn't matter which one is inserted in the rear groove.

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Our blender had a similar issue in which the single serve cup wouldn’t click into place. I applied a small amount of rubbing alcohol with a q-tip on the catch and exercised it with it with a butter knife.


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