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Eine dritte Version des Controllers wurde im November 2020 zusammen mit der Xbox Series X und Series S veröffentlicht.

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My joysticks click but do not have analog input

I replaced the left joystick and re soldered it on after I did so both analog sticks no longer work. Their button presses do work tho when I click them in. So I'm confused what I did wrong. When I plug in the vibrators they work fine as well. What am I missing?

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i was able to fix it. My soldering was too thick on one of the pins on the new joystick causing them both to short out and the trigger buttons as well. It was the pin for the potentiometer on the right stick that was over soldered.

The solder went off the side a little bit touching the gold part of the board or around that area i figure that was where it was shoring out at.

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I’m having this issue, brand new controller but no response on left analog once clicked. My other wireless has an intermittent response on the up button on the d pad


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