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An E-reader released by Amazon.com on April 27th 2016. The model number is SW56RW.

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Replacing the battery on Kindle Oasis cover, Model #DC67PL. Thanks

I have a similiar request on replacing the battery on Kindle Oasis cover, Model # DC67PL. Thanks.

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Hi @dduck11

Here's the ifixit Amazon Kindle Oasis 8th Gen Battery Replacement guide that may help as well.

Here's a video that also shows how to replace the battery for your model tablet.

Ifixit has the battery in stock (click on parts link in the guide) but be aware that it will only ship to the USA (lower 48 states)

Alternatively, search online for DC67PL battery to find suppliers that suit you best.

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Actually, I am trying to find help replacing battery in the Oasis cover. Hopefully you can help. Thnaks



Still looking for the guide, but the battery model number is CS-ABD079SL


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