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Die MacBook Familie entstand im Jahr 2006 und ersetzte das iBook als Consumer Laptop.

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I cant log in

i left my MacBook with my son he did some experiment on it by creating a user account but unfortunatly he forget the password he used. what can i do because my Mac OS X installation DVD is bad what can i do?

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Mhmm, what do you mean by "bad" ?

If he just created an other account from your account, what he probably did, log in it and simply delete his account from the preferences panel.

Unless he changed your own password or created an other administrator account, loged in it, and delete your account...

Now if it happened, I can just advice you to reset the password using the original OS X installation DVD, which means you own the mac, it's a "thief-security".

If the CD is bad, then go to the Apple Store and explain them, they'll reset your password.

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If you can't go to the apple store, you'll have to try this. Once you get admin privileges, you can change your old password.

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