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Ein HP Pavilion Laptop mit 15,6" Bildschirm, gutem Klang, einem leistungsstarken Intel 5 Gen Prozessor und schlankem, stylischem Design. Dieser Laptop ist gut geeignet für das Surfen im Web, Textverarbeitung und andere einfache Aufgaben. Er lässt sich anhand der Modellnummer identifizieren: 15-ab165us.

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My screen flickers and turns off when moved

The screen will turn off temporarily if you move the laptop or turn it certain ways. It seems to me that there is probably a short in one of the screen cables. I have never opened a laptop that was working afterwards, so any help available here for how to open it safely would be amazing, thanks.

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Hi @dougil,

What is the model number of the laptop as shown on the information label on the bottom of the laptop?


Hi, thanks for such a quick reply! The model number is 15-dy2193dx



Having a problem with the model number.

Is there a "product number" on the info label at all?


Let me get back to you in a while with that. I don't have the laptop in front of me, I had the model number written down. It will be a few hours, sorry for the delay


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Hi @dougil

I couldn't find the maintenance and service guide for your exact model.

Found the page for a 15-dy2000 model which I thought might use the same service guide

Go to p.50 to view the necessary pre-requisite steps and then the procedure to remove the display assembly. This should allow you to check the display cable to see if it damaged or just loose (either end).

If the cable is damaged where it passes through the hinge to get from the motherboard to the display assembly, there is a parts list on p.19 (item #6). Search online using the appropriate to your model part number only to get results for suppliers of the part. Usually the part number is also printed on the cable if you wish to verify which one you need.

Hopefully the service guide is applicable to your model as the only thing that HP shows for it is the product specifications and nothing else unlike other models it has.

If none of the part numbers match up to what yours is, search for "HP Partsurfer" and when the page opens (it must be off at the moment as it is not working) insert the "product number" in the search term on the page, to hopefully find your model and all the parts and part numbers.

Hopefully this is of some help.

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Ittends to be an issue with the display wiring either being loose or damaged, but sometimes the inverter and/or the backlight can cause the problem.

Here is a link to a Youtube video where someone goes through the process of disassembling the Pavilion and replaces the lcd display wiring.


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