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Repair guides and support for videocassette recorders including Betamax and VHS (Video Home System) players.

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VHS DVD HDD Combo Recorder Not turning on

Hello, is anybody available to potentially give me some repair advice? I'm trying to digitise old family movies before tape rot sets in.

I'm trying to fix a VHS DVD HDD Combo. Plugged it in last night and shone no signs of life. The VHS part of it hadn't worked for a while so I have another VHS player I plugged in as well as a small TV. It's not the wall socket or the extension.

Replaced the fuse with one from a working device to confirm the issue isn't the fuse (I'm located in the UK). I don't know what else to try or where to go.


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Hi @alexi2022,

What is the make and model number of the VCR/DVD unit?

Just verifying that there are no signs of life at all i.e. no power light, display etc?


Hi @jayeff

Thank you for replying,

No signs of life at all, no lights, no sounds, nothing.

The last time it was working was a few months ago - fully operational aside from the VHS player which hasn't been working for years. I had moved it from downstairs to my bedroom along with the other VHS player and a small monitor and placed them next to my computer. I hadn't everything in order to start then so it became non-operational between those events.

My dad had a quick look inside and didn't see anything loose. He suggested the power at the back somehow got damp. I'm not so sure. If that got damp, then the other would have gotten damp (it was located atop the other VHS player) and so would have my computer.

I'm taking it with my boyfriend at the weekend to try and fix it - I can't try anything until then.

It is a Toshiba RD-XV48DT


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Hi @alexi2022

You're in luck ;-)

Here's the No Power troubleshooting flowchart section from the service manual for the player.

Hopefully you or your BF has a DMM (digital multimeter) and know how to use it as it looks like you might need one.

Disconnect the power from the player and then check the fuse for continuity using the DMM (Ohmmeter function).

If the fuse OK you will have to reconnect the power to the player and then do live testing. Be safety aware as there is lethal AC voltage in the player, not that your testing for it but it is still there so watch where you touch things, just to be safe.

Good luck.

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Good morning @jayeff

Thank you for the reply, and for the service manual! I didn't know those things would be publicly available

I am almost positive my dad has one of those - I will ask when he's back. I'll also ask my boyfriend if he / his family has one. If not, guess we're asking around (or buying one)

I suppose I will update this topic after we've done some testing :)



Hi @alexi2022

Adequate DMMs are available from larger hardware stores and can be bought for <$25.

Just make sure if you do buy one to get one with a good user manual (or a manual that can be downloaded online) and then first read up how to use it properly. In the long run this saves time and minimizes mistakes in using the DMM.



Thank you @jayeff

It turns out that the fuse inside had gone. Its located next to the fan inside the little black encasing at the back - it was so rank inside there. We're going to get a new fuse but also get some compressed air to clean the inside :)

The only issue we face is the fuse is actually a little awkward to get to, but I think we can manage it. Hopefully we will get it back to life and once we do, it's time to try and fix the VHS player (because we might as well try that too while we're at it). No idea what's wrong with it yet - my dad can't remember - but I have a tester tape to find out.

It shouldn't bee too much of an issue, though




be aware that there is always a reason why a fuse blows. Very rarely do they fail of their own accord, so maybe get two or three as you might need them in case the replacement fuse blows again very soon after the recorder is turned on.

If you found my answer helpful, please vote it accordingly as this lets others who come looking for solutions for their devices which exhibit similar problems, know that the answer helped solve the problem (although as yet maybe not fully, in your case)



Hi @jayeff

Yeah I plan to after we fix the power not turning on :) I will open a new topic for the VHS player section if needed.

Thank you for the tip! I've ordered some fuses and a compressed air can. Just waiting for delivery and then another weekend to get back to work (hopefully it does not rain so we can clean it outside). I will continue to update as I go.


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