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Reparaturanleitungen und Informationen zum Google Pixel 4a 5G. Erschienen am 29. Oktober 2020. Modellnummer: G025E

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no audio sound is working

My google pixel 4a 5g any audio is working. it means no microphone, no loudspeaker and ear speaker has stopped to work. what happens , how to fix ?

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I've had this happen to 2 4a's. The first one was replaced by Google and it just happened again. I found a thread that temporarily fixed it. I keep my phone in my back pocket, and even though there's no sign of damage, the circuit board is damaged from me sitting on it.

This is how I fixed it. Power down (restart) and as it goes through the restart cycle, flex the phone ( I bent it opposite of the way it bends in my back pocket) as it restarts. The first time I got the speaker to work. I did it again and all audio up and running. The circuit board must be cracked.

I'll keep doing this until I get a new phone and learn not to sit on it.

Hope this helps.

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Troubleshot this for hours. I found this post and it fixed it first boot up. Thanks for saving me from buying a new phone!


Scoured the internet for an hour before finding this post. Restart 1 with this trick gave me my sound back, restart 2 gave me my microphone back. Thank you for posting this!!

I'll have to remember to avoid sitting with my phone in my back pocket from now on.


Unfortunately didn't work for me. Did try to bend it but does not really do anything. I'm waiting for a new phone but that ducks hard without sound but even more without microphone.

I'm thinking to reassemble it but don't see anywhere the speakers that I can buy. Is it an idea? Or I thought also to send it in but than it will be most likely 120+ euros :(



Just curious if there's audio/speech when using earphones with a mic attachment plugged into the headphone jack or even BT earphones/mic when on a call.


@jayeff I did some testing

Run a diagnostic app - no sound or microphone.

Jack and BT does not work for audio. Not on Bose headphones or in car though Bluetooth.

However if I play to my Sonos it does work. I guess though there is more internet connection/wifi as bluetooth - which would explain it.


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Hi there! I just posted a troubleshooting guide addressing this no sound issue. Check it out and let me know if there is anything I did not address in it or should change.

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