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Self-priming automatic electric pumps with helical gears, produced by Marco.

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UP6/E output pressure low

The output water pressure has become low. I swapped out the drive gears from a same model pump and still low water output. Any suggestions?

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The manual states : "The electronic pressure sensor, through the use of a microprocessor, controls the pump's speed to obtain the needed flow rate...".

Just wondering if the sensor is the problem. The sensor is not shown in the parts list (see p.11) but maybe if you trace the wires from the electronic control (see part #23 in manual) you may find it.

I'll tag @teof as he knows a lot about Marco pumps. Allow a bit of time for a response due to time zone differences

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I thought the same thing. I swapped out sensor from another pump. Same issue. Voltage 13.3 volts. The pump doesn't spin as fast or strong as it used to.


@Jack Patton

Hopefully it's not the electronic control then


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How are the leds blinking? Is there a red one?

After some years the pump needs some servicing to the lip seal, therefore some water may have entered in the motor.

This sounds to me as one of those cases, but I can help you better with some information about the leds. The electronics are very rugged, they outlive by a great margin all the mechanical parts in the pump and motor.

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Thanks for the response.

Flashing green LED when at idle.

Solid blue and green LED during use.


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