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Mid 2010 Modell A1278 / 2,4 oder 2,66 GHz Core 2 Duo Prozessor

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Upgraded RAM, now has multi-colored horizontal lines then crashes

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MacBook Pro Mid 2010 13" Unibody I'm trying to upgrade from 4GB RAM to 8GB RAM. I bought two 4GB sticks from iFixit, followed the iFixit install instructions, and upon restart, it appeared as if the swap had worked. Going into About tab I can see that the computer is recognizing the new sticks, but shortly after starting the computer, horizontal colored lines filled the screen, the computer froze, and then shut off. I tried turning the computer back on, but couldn't make it past the log-in screen before the lines showed up again. I took out the new RAM sticks and put back in the old 2GB sticks, and this fixed the issue.

Any ideas on how I can upgrade to 8GB successfully? Is there a step that I am missing?

I am in a pickle here; I need to upgrade to 8GB since one of my school's software programs is no longer working on my computer, since their last software update. I was told that Lockdown Browser now requires 4GB of available RAM in order to facially recognize the test taker. :(

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I think I may have found the issue. Just doing a visual inspection, it looks like one of the new sticks has a broken pin. Part of one of the metal pins is missing. So maybe this is causing a bad connection? Any thoughts?


@bneatheskin - Did you try the original RAM to see if that solved it?


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You likely put in the wrong RAM. This series uses the main RAM for video RAM.

This model has a "48 core" NVIDIA GeForce 320M that shares memory with the system.

Reference: 13" MacBook Pro 2.4/2.66 Core 2 Duo (Mid-2010)

Make sure you are using 1066 MHz PC3-8500 DDR3 SDRAM. You may want to put back your original RAM to make sure nothing else got damaged.

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Hey, Thank you for your reply. The new RAM sticks are 4GB DDR3 PC3-8500 1066MHz . I don't see anywhere that says SDRAM, so I am not sure about that.


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