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Eine dritte Version des Controllers wurde im November 2020 zusammen mit der Xbox Series X und Series S veröffentlicht.

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Both triggers are stuck at 100% after diy repair of joysticks

After disassembling and replacing the left joystick of the xbox series controller, both triggers are now constantly fully pressed in according to software and the xbox console. However there is no mechanical difference in the triggers and their magnets. The joysticks works perfectly, and it appears that the triggers are the only issue.

The triggers worked fine before disassembly and repairing the joysticks. Any help would be appreciated :(

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Same problem happened to me, but all I did was replace the cover with a new metallic one. I did a little troubleshooting at the time, and the hall effect sensors on the triggers were not receiving any input voltage. :( I didn't find a schematic to see where that voltage comes from but I'll probably start working on it more tomorrow.


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Strip it down again and check everything is in the right place. If you replaced your stick module I'd double check your soldering and it hasn't bridged anything.

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Right trigger on mine started being stuck at 100% during game play and then took apart too inspect and now my left trigger is stuck at 100% too , did you figure out what caused your stuck triggers im still looking for answers


Could you fix it? I have the same problem


I had this problem after changing my sticks, tried to work out how the triggers sensed movement but couldnt until i found this video on youtube describiong how the triggers use the hall effect https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlojnvEW... Theres a magnet in the back of each trigger and sensor soldered on the board, guess where the sensor is located ? Inside the pin area of the sticks, I had a look and found that the sensor had fallen off presumably whilst i was desoldering the stick and it needs replacing, its tiny but if you can find it you can solder it back on, otherwise youre stuffed until you somehow find a replacement which is where i am now, lesson learnt !!!


i have the same problem too, helpppppp please


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