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The next-generation 2007 Santa Fe debuted at the 2006 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

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PLEASE help me find a COMPLETE electrical systems repair manual for my 2009, 3.3L Hyundai Santa fe limited with Aftermarket pioneer stereo system!

The dealership ripped out my ECM an remote control stater wiring ( TRYING TO MOVE IT OUT OF THE DRIVEWAY THERE )AFTER GETTINGIT SERVICED FOR A RECALL, NOTT LONG AFTER JUST STARTED UR TO GO HOME IT DIED and had to call towtruck at my own expense........ Was able to tow it home and got it to start without the immobilizer connected, but now no power to the dash lights, or radio, or windows or power locks. I tried to contact the dealership and all they told me was because I wasn't in the system they can't help me..... I also get the ESC light illuminated....

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Firstly, try Hyundai customer support and attempt to resolve why your dealer refuses to continue repairs. Elevate your complaint with whatever documentation you have like a bill for repairs that the dealer failed to fix. Don't be shy to complain to the regional or corporate level. In the meantime you can go online and review Alldata.diy and Mitchell Data. Both provide online service manuals second to none for a reasonable fee - once, weekly, monthly, whatever. Alldata and Mitchell provides the same service manuals (in different formats) as factory service manuals, including service bulletins all dealers have access to.

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