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Self-priming automatic electric pumps with helical gears, produced by Marco.

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Marco pump up2/e and the Red light is flashing slow.

I have a new Marco pump up2/e and the Red light is flashing slow. It is trying to reset itself 3 times, after that the red light remains solid. I have tried everything, including checking the brushes and fuses. Everything seems to be fine. I am wondering what this problem could be. Does anyone know a solution?

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Here's what the manual says about the problem:

"With solid or slowly flashing red LED, the motor has been short circuited, something may have blocked the gears or there could be a problem in the connection between the pump and circuit. The red LED flashes for 30 seconds, after which the pump is re-fed up to a maximum of 3 attempts. On the fourth attempt, the LED remains solid red, the pump is off and should be checked for possible permanent damage.
To reset this warning you need to reboot the circuit or press the Reset button on the control panel, if present."

Unfortunately there is no wiring diagram for the pump that would show how to test if the pump motor windings are OK or if they've been burnt out etc. Not sure if you can turn the motor manually to check if it at least rotates and not that something may be jamming it.

Perhaps @teof may know what to look for.

Hopefully since it's new you haven't voided the warranty by attempting to repair it yourself - see p.10 Section I-6 To open the pump of the user manual.

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