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Repair guides and support for videocassette recorders including Betamax and VHS (Video Home System) players.

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get it out of the dubbing mode

mine is a question i bought an panasonic dual recorder but it does not have an remote and who ever turned it off left it in dubbing mode and i can not unset it without the remote but where to get one is the big answer so i can get it out of the dubbing mode is next.

Update (11/05/2022)

here is another question what kind of discs would you recommend for a certain dual recorder sylvania model number ssa9ov4

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Hi @uptothetop

What is the model number of the VCR?


the model number is dmr-e7-5vp serial number is lp4da009339



Please verify the model number of the Sylvania unit? I cannot find any information relating to it online


the sylvania mentioned is an dual recorder to i was wondering if anyone would know what would be the kind of discs i would need to use the model number is ssa9ov4


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Hi @uptothetop

Have you tried pressing the stop button for either the VHS unit or the DVD unit on the recorder's control panel to check if dubbing stopped?

If no good you may have to purchase the remote. (this was the only supplier I could find who still had stock when searching for the Panasonic part #EUR7721X10 for the remote. You may have better luck)

Also for the future if you need it here's the service manual

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