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Die siebte Generation des iPad, veröffentlicht am 25. September 2019. Erhältlich mit 32 oder 128 GB Speicher. Modellnummer A2197.

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Requesting iPad 7 WiFi NAND Area Diode Mode Readings

Hello Everyone!

Please help me with iPad 7 WiFi NAND area diode mode readings.


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On the chance that you still haven’t found this yet, I use this website for Diode mode readings often, but it’s only really got connectors. So not NAND. But I have a spare known good of this model, I will see what I can get for you in the morning,


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Thats amazing!

I was trying to find a schematic for them but could only find payed ones that didn't come with a board view files and only schematics

il let them know you have solution



@flannelist thanks a lot, it will be very helpful to get readings from good board. @hellomacos


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Do you have a schematic for it?

If you do that schematics tell you the size


If you want to post some photos using this amazing guide

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I could use the photos the photos to try and tell what size they are

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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I don't have schematics. I want to check on logic board if NAND points are properly connected to other areas. hence I want to know diode mode readings for NAND area.


@hellomacos I don’t think it’s about the diode but checking for a short on a circuit in diode mode on your multimeter check on here for the how etc



I see

I would check places like the badcaps forums for schematics as they’re a few for a verity of models on there on there

When you said measurements I thing you meant measurements like 0402 0201….

Il have a look my self and see what I can find

Also what is the Board number you are working on?



I just realised that

I though they were on about components sizes because he said measurements in the original post

Thanks for letting me know:-)


@hellomacos my bad, sorry


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