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Informationen zur Reparatur, Demontage und Fehlersuche beim Steam Deck mit LCD Display, eine tragbare Spielekonsole von Valve. Veröffentlicht am 25. Februar 2022 und erkennbar an der Modellnummer 1010.

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Where can I buy Left and right Daughter Board?

My Steam Deck fell down, from 80cm onto carpet but it was enough to destroy both R1 and L1 Shoulder Buttons. They snapped right from the daughter board, ripping the traces. No way to solder them back on.

Now I need a new left and right daughter Board but this part seems not to be sold as replacement. Since it was the first to break from a little drop, I imagine more people would need this soon.

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if you are comfortable with a soldering iron i had the same issue and i used these buttons for a DS to fix. worked just fine. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08GJLY5TR?psc...

Block Image

Block Image

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He said that the pads have been ripped from the board. He'd have to rebuild the traces and somehow remake some mounting pads to do this and that's a lot to ask, even for someone experienced in smd rework.


ah didnt see that yep RMA good luck will probably take like a month. maybe find a part on ebay if you dont want to wait. for me the button just broke and the legs were still attached to the solder pad to just removed them and put a new button in place.


Do you need a soldering hot gun to remove the button? Possible to unsolder the existing button using soldering gun only?

Thanks in advance


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The answer to this being posted is: "At this time, we are unable to offer these parts, as they both require software calibration (typically done at the factory) that is not available to end users at this time. We are working with Valve to offer these products as soon as we are able to, but we are unable to provide an ETA at this time."

That is the email I got back from iFixit when trying to get a replacement one myself. I managed to bork the chip on the other side of my 'R' daughter board when reinstalling my factory sticks when the GuliKit ones I got were crap. This causes it to get excessively hot right where that BGA/Legged chip is on that board, especially in comparison to the 'L' board which seems to be fine. And it knocked out ALL controls to my Deck. The system no longer registers any controller and the touchpads vibrate as they would before but no input is registered in game mode nor desktop mode. Under 'Controls' it says "No controllers detected." This is a BIG bummer because now I have no choice to but to RMA and pay for the labour costs on top of the part cost to replace that board. I've done tons of repairs on computers and consoles. Heck, I'd be able to replace the chip on that daughter board if I could find it and knew it was the right one, but it appears it might be programmed in a way that only the deck understands and I don't have a programmer nor a means to obtain the software on that chip. I'm at the mercy of RMAing with Valve. And when the fan in my deck started rattling I ordered a replacement and replaced it instead of sending it in because I didn't want to go 2 weeks without the Deck, now I don't have a choice, regardless of my own abilities. So I feel ya man, but your best bet is to RMA.

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So much for "we designed Steam Deck to be repairable" when one of the most common faulty parts is more than a year later still unavailable. Shame.


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Exactly. I've said the same thing before. I don't get why they advertised that and then provide literally nothing. My left daughter board broke as well, but thankfully valve had me send it in and repaired it for free.


Still Waiting on this.


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