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Kabellose Multitouch-Maus der zweiten Generation, von Apple am 14. Oktober 2015 veröffentlicht. Modell A1657.

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Magic Mouse 2 is connected but cursor, buttons not working on Mac.

My Apple Magic Mouse 2 connected to my Mac via bluetooth has stopped working, battery status is also shown but neither cursor or buttons and gestures are working. I have tested on my Windows 10 PC where I am able to move only the cursor but the buttons are not working.

I tried out some repair steps which I find online but nothing works. Please Help!

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This mouse still uses a physical switch for the click. Whats likely happened is the battery has swelled up pressing on the upper case so the control is messed up. You'll need to open it up to replace the battery. Here's the guide Magic Mouse 2 Akku tauschen and here's the battery Apple Magic Mouse 2 - Internal Battery and Lightning Socket

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Thanks! I have opened the mouse but it seems like the mouse is intact and looks physically fine so far. Btw i have noticed that the mouse only connects after i click the mouse.


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