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iPhone stuck in a notification. Unable to dismiss

I accidentaly opened Apple Home, and it showed a critical alerts notification. I tried to press "Don't Allow" but it did not work. Pressing 'Allow' also did not work. All I can think of it to just wait for the battery to die. iPhone is at 90%, on power saver, and has a new battery that lasts almost 17hrs. Is there a way I can either dismiss the notification, or get it to die faster?

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If you cannot get the phone to power off normally, do a force restart. For a XS press and release the Volume Up button, then the Volume Down button. Then Press and hold the power button until the device shuts off and restarts.

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Hello, I have Iphone 12, and have similar issue, notification is not getting closed after Iphone update. How to force start it ..any support you can give


@pankaj Force restart for the 12 will be the same process I outlined here for the iPhone XS


thanks .. it was a success


What if shutting if off won’t work? An alarm noise just goes off from the notification. I have an iPhone 11 with I’m the IOS 16 update


Same thing here - were you able to find a fix?


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You may use Apple Configurator for Mac app to restart your iPhone - just connect your iPhone to Mac (if you have one of course), right click your iPhone in Apple Configurator for Mac app and choose Advanced - Restart Device.

Official Apple Support guide for this is available here

You’ll find Apple Configurator for Mac app on the Mac App Store as a free download

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