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Repair and disassembly guides for GE Microwave ovens.

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How can I get vent fan to stop running on my GE JVM3160?

Suddenly I am not able to plug in my GE JVM3160 MW without the vent fan running on low. (This is NOT due to automatic heat thermostat that runs for 30 minutes if cooktop gets too hot). The vent switch will run the vent in High and Low but it will not turn Off. If the thermo-fuse is bad, will it cause this problem? How can I test it? If I try to disconnect the wires to the thermo-fuse altogether, the MW will not turn on. If I bypass the thermo-fuse with a short wire, the MW turns on but the vent fan is still running. How can I get the MW to turn on without the vent fan running on low?

Many thanks, ZeroDfx

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I was able to resolve this problem by removing a replacement fuse I purchased on Amazon and reinstalling the original fuse that I thought was bad. The original fuse was fine and it resolved the issue of the vent fan running. So the replacement fuse I installed was likely either the wrong fuse/part number or was defective. Nice to be back in proper operating order again.

Thanks for your thoughts on this matter.


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Hi @zerodfx

Looking at the mini manual for the oven, the best that I can think of is that either the Low Vent relay (RY7) is permanently operated for some reason or that perhaps the relay contacts are sticking operated.

Perhaps you would need to access the board and locate the Low Vent relay contacts and then with the power disconnected check if they measure short circuit i.e. 0.00 Ohms when testing between them. At normal they should test open circuit i.e. OL or infinity.

Be safety aware when working in microwave ovens. Correctly discharge the HV capacitor as soon as it can be accessed after removing the oven's cover and before doing any further work inside the oven.

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Thank you, Jayeff, I appreciate that thought. I'm a bit reluctant to play around with the circuit board as it seems a bit beyond my comfort zone and general competence. I was hoping it was something simpler like changing out the thermal fuse or some such.


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