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Repair guides and support for phones produced by the South Korean phone and tablet manufacturer, Pantech.

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Sim inserted but no service

Hello, I am wondering why I have a sim inserted yet I have not service bars and it does so no service. Could it be something physically wrong with the device, or could it be locked/turned off because my carrier thinks I stole it?

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This may seem like a silly answer but first, check with your carrier to make sure your service has not been disabled. You may also try to reinsert your SIM card to see if this has any effect.

As far as any actual damage to your device, we have no way of troubleshooting that without knowing which device you're talking about.

On Android, you can dial *#*#4636#*#* to determine your service status.

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So what happened was, I wanted to use my old Pantech Vybe for my daughter, so I contact Tracphone because I needed it to be unlocked for a different carrier. But the problem is they cannot authenticate me. I bought a sim and redeemable card at Best buy in april. The plan lasted till july. We hardly used the phone. So a month went by and I turned on the phone to see if it still worked, and I had no serive. No biggie, but I was !#^&@@ because it said I had till July till I needed to refill. So now I want to go to a new carrier and they wanted the last most called or texted #'s in the last 60 days. We didn't use the phone in the last 60 to produce what they needed. I had no service so they couldn't send me a text with a code, even though I had tracphones sim in. So I thought I would pay for the cheapest service to get a code texted to me, but that didn't even get me service. So now I am out a phone and $9.99 because they cannot authenticate me. No matter I cannot get service on my Pantech Vybe


In the UK if the sim is unused for a length of time they cut it off so it no longer works. Not sure if they do the same where you are


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